Takako Azuma

UOW College Alumni: Takako Azumo

Takako Azuma

English for Tertiary Studies (ETS) – 2015

Master of Education (TESOL) - current

What were the positive points of your course?

It was a very good opportunity to get accustomed to learning in an English academic context, which was very different from that of my home country.

I attended ETS for twelve weeks. The course was designed for learners to develop academic English proficiency gradually. Each lesson was designed to focus on the writing process, starting from writing a single paragraph to writing a whole passage in the end. We also learned how to use the university library, find a relevant reference on the website and use it to support our essay writing.

All the teachers in ETS are very professional and supportive. They gave me a lot of personal advice on how to improve my English competency. Without their wholehearted assistance, I would not have completed the course successfully.

What were your personal highlights and achievements?

Giving a presentation in English by using PowerPoint was a good experience, but the most challenging part was academic writing. In particular, I struggled with developing my ideas by gathering information from articles, and organizing them in order in each paragraph. I still have difficulty in writing an academic essay, but what I have learned in ETS definitely helps me to write it!

What is your career progression?

I’m now studying a Master of Education (TESOL) in the Faculty of Social Sciences. I am assigned to read various kinds of articles and textbooks every day and have to submit an essay quite often. In fact, it is much more challenging and demanding than I expected.

However, I realise that if I had not had the chance to learn at UOW College, I would be totally at a loss for what I should do for the course. I firmly believe what I have learned in ETS encourages me to keep on going for further study even though I struggle with the course work every day.

Studying in this postgraduate course will definitely advance my future career as a teacher in Japan.

Takako is now studying a Master of Education at the University of Wollongong.
Last reviewed: 6 November, 2015