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We provide a personalised learning experience with individual support. You’ll have access to a range of services to help you with your course and improve your study skills.

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We're here to help you succeed in your course. Access our range of free services to improve your academic performance and study skills.

Peer Learning Program
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Additional services and facilities

The College Peer Coaches and Mentors are student ambassadors and can assist students to achieve academic success as they connect students to a range of academic and personal support services at the College and UOW. 

Peer Coaches provide 1:1 drop-in sessions at Learning Hub. They can assist students with referencing, how to understand assessment questions, navigate online student resources such as Turnitin, Subject Moodle sites, Learning Coop and Studiosity. Peer Coaches will be available for consultation week days in the Learning Hub.

Peer Student Mentors are paired up with new students post orientation for 4 weeks through weekly sessions that introduce students gradually to UOW College and UOW systems. Each week PSM conduct pre-arranged activities to orientate students to understanding SOLS, UOW email, printing, UOW apps, time management and study skills; and academic considerations.

Ask about Peer Coaches and Mentors in the Learning Hub or at Reception, or email to request a booking:

Our students have full access to a learning and study hub comprising of consultation spaces for students and teachers; computer lab equipped with listening and speaking software; English language and other resources for students to access; a designated space for conversation classes; student printing facilities; and a television.

We also have three additional computer labs where students have unlimited access to computers to complete assignments and coursework, and check emails. All computers also feature English language learning programs to improve comprehension for all student types.

Weekly Individual and group student support sessions can be arranged with experienced English teachers to improve:

  • writing skills
  • grammar
  • pronunciation 
  • IELTS test taking skills

The sessions run for one hour and can be arranged every 6 weeks. To find out more or arrange a session, email the program coordinator

Note that these sessions are popular and fill up quickly so email early to check on availability.

Weekly one hour supplementary classes are available to students in Maths subjects who would like some extra support in this area. The classes provide remedial one-on-one help to students where they can bring along their lecture notes and tutorial questions, and use practice worksheets for selected topics. To find out more about the schedule and location for the classes, students should check the subject Moodle site.

Early intervention strategies

UOW College has strategies to help students experiencing difficulties with their studies. We have procedures in place that enable teachers to identify ‘at risk’ students early to refer them to a Student Advisor, as well as implement formal, structured intervention strategies and referrals to additional student support services.