Student life

More than just study

Student life at UOW College extends beyond the classroom and lectures. It's an opportunity to join a vibrant, diverse community that's about more than just academic connections.

This is a place where support, encouragement, and diversity are part of the everyday experience. Beyond your studies, there's a world of clubs to get involved in, opportunities to make lasting friendships, and a variety of on-campus entertainment to enjoy.

Explore our campuses and facilities

UOW College has campuses in Wollongong, Sydney CBD, and Liverpool. Each offers courses that harness the unique character and opportunities of their urban settings, providing students with distinct learning experiences.

Life in Wollongong

A destination for thousands of students worldwide, Wollongong is always buzzing with activity. It's an ideal place for living, studying, working, and enjoying life.

Life in Wollongong


UOW College offers several accommodation choices for students. Whether you're looking for the immersive experience of a homestay, the convenience of living on campus, or the independence of off-campus housing, we have options to suit your preferences and needs.


Studying at Liverpool

Our Liverpool campus presents a modern and lively atmosphere, complete with facilities designed for students. You'll find a range of amenities including student kitchens, comfortable lounge areas, a library, dedicated prayer rooms, study rooms for focused learning, and a comfortable outdoor terrace.

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