Jessica Antonelli

Jessica Antonelli

Foundation Studies - 2005Jessica Antonelli

Bachelor of Commerce – 2009

How did your studies at UOW College prepare you for transitioning to your bachelor studies at UOW?

Firstly, the UOW College being situated on the grounds of UOW made it easier to transition to my Bachelor studies at UOW as I had access to the same familiar services. For example, I had access to the same library, the same Careers Central services etc. Overall, following completion of my course at the College it was a very easy transition to then undertake my Bachelor degree.

What are your fondest memories about your time at UOW College?

The friends that I made whilst attending my studies at UOW College are still a significant part of my life to this day. We all attended concerts and events together at UOW whilst attending the College, which was always enjoyable. Following completion of our studies at the College, we all went through University together and were fortunate enough to obtain work in our chosen fields. It also highlights the importance of networking with career minded individuals who can support and guide each other.

What is one aspect of UOW College that you found to be the most useful for your future endeavours?

The structure of the course that I undertook at the College mirrored my Bachelor degree, which prepared me for my university studies due to the expectations set of attending lectures, tutorials, sitting for examinations etc. This was most useful for my future endeavours. They also gave me the opportunity to develop my team work skills, communication skills, collaborative skills etc. whilst showing me the standard of work expected as part of completing my Bachelor studies.

What advice would you give to students considering studying at UOW College and UOW?

Don’t delay and apply now as you would not want to miss out on the very valuable opportunities they provide. Both UOW College and UOW are extremely reputable institutions that have knowledgeable and experienced lecturers and tutors who are there to teach you, challenge you and inspire you to follow through on your dreams and chosen career path. They are also great mentors and coaches to students and simply want to see students succeed. If you’re determined to succeed and willing to put the effort in, you will be amazed at where your studies can lead you.

Jessica currently works as the Human Resources Advisor at The Shellharbour Club.


Last reviewed: 30 September, 2015