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Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care

Bachelor of Education - The Early Years

I decided to study at UOW College as it gave me the experience and opportunity to gain employment in the Early Childhood industry and also step into the second year of the Bachelor of Education - the Early Years. I have loved every moment of attending UOW College, especially the organised and caring trainers that have guided me every step of the way. They particularly demonstrated how an educator should be in the Early Childhood industry.

UOW College prepared me for transitioning into UOW Bachelor study and the Early Childhood industry by attending work placements, where I was able to learn how to understand the routines that each center had. I was also lucky enough to do a sustainability project at ‘Kid’s UNI’, the on-campus day care centre, by designing and working on an outdoor area and incorporating recyclable material in the process. On a weekly basis we were able to attend and participate in play sessions where we would work in a team to care and educate the children while planning for activities and meal time.

The location on the University campus is great allowing me to access to many facilities throughout the day, such as the Discovery Space, pools, IGA, cafes, library and many more. When you get to campus you do not need to leave, since you have everything there.

After graduating from UOW College I gained employment at Kemblawarra Public School/ Pre-school. Anyone that is considering study at UOW College and UOW will be privileged to be part of the community. As a student, I have experienced UOW College and have enjoyed every part of it from the caring trainers, to the experience you receive in the classrooms and play sessions.


Last reviewed: 11 September, 2018