University Preparation Programs

Why study a University Preparation Program at UOW College?

Gain admission into a range of UOW degrees by successfully completing a University Preparation Program. Develop essential academic and tertiary skills through programs with an emphasis on a range of oral, written and presentation skills, including group work. 

Our pathway programs are designed for students who have not met the direct entry requirements for a UOW College Diploma program or UOW bachelor degree.

What’s different about each course?

The University Entrance Program (UEP) is fee free* for Australian domestic students. It has been specifically designed for students who have not met the direct entry requirements for a UOW bachelor degree and is also suitable for students who have experienced a significant disadvantage during their secondary school education. This 14-week course teaches the fundamental skills required for university study and maximises your chance of success in your degree. Successful completion of the UEP provides guaranteed** entry to a range of UOW bachelor degrees, subject to meeting UOW entry requirement.  

There are three Streams in the UEP program, allowing students to study subjects relevant to their chosen degree: Stream 1 in Business and Humanities; Stream 2 in Sciences and Information Technology, and; Stream 3 in Engineering.

*Fee free is subject to terms and conditions.

Foundation Studies is a university preparation course specifically designed for international students who have not completed secondary schooling, or who have not met the direct entry requirements for a UOW Bachelor degree. The course involves a stream of subjects relevant to your chosen UOW degree. When you enrol in the program, you will be allocated to a relevant stream of study. You will develop study skills and habits, including time management, essay writing, group work and presentation skills; and become familiar with the academic standards and expectations at university. Successful completion of Foundation Studies provides guaranteed entry to most UOW undergraduate Bachelor degrees.  

A Foundation Studies - Extended course with three sessions is also available.


Meet Bryce

UOW College offered the opportunity to study on campus during flexible hours for those like myself who work a regular day job. Additionally, the course provided was a precise and effective pathway into my chosen career path. I’m currently progressing through my studies in a Bachelor of Science Education (Biology focus), where I aim to become a High School Science/Biology teacher.BryceUniversity Access Program - Bachelor of Science Education

** Guarantee is subject to meeting UOW entry requirements.