Information for students

Are you seeking an authentic Australian experience during your studies? Our Homestay program offers you the unique opportunity to live with local hosts in Wollongong, immersing you in the Australian way of life and culture.

Who can use homestay?

UOW College Homestay is available for a diverse range of participants, including:

  • Study Tour students
  • UOW and UOW College students
  • The Illawarra Grammar School students
  • Visiting professors, teachers, agents & supervising staff

UOW College Homestay is not available to family and friends of students, who are visiting the area and looking for cheap accommodation.

What are the benefits?

Our homestay program is so much more than just a place to eat and sleep. You will  be completely immersed into the local lifestyle. Your UOW College Homestay Hosts will advise and care for you as you learn to find your way around a new city and culture.

Speaking English with your hosts will provide an opportunity to practice your listening and speaking in a relaxed and supportive environment. Your hosts will also help you to understand the meaning of tricky new words you learn during your stay (particularly helpful for our ‘Aussie slang’ – which you will not find in your dictionary). Having many different people to talk to about a broad range of everyday topics will improve your vocabulary, your listening skills, your pronunciation and your confidence.

Staying with UOW College Homestay hosts is very cost effective. The accommodation price includes your fully furnished room, bedding, linen, water, gas, electricity, laundry expenses, daily breakfast, daily dinner and even lunch when you are home on weekends (and all the English practice you can get). We believe one of the cheapest ways to live in Wollongong is with our registered host families.

The families that you stay with have all been approved as registered host families with UOW College Homestay. To ensure students' safety and welfare UOW College has in place a suite of robust policies & procedures. UOW College has a dedicated list of support staff that can assist students with any issues that arise during their stay with host families.

Important information - before you register

Students should only plan to arrive in Homestay a few days before the commencement of their classes. Students who plan to holiday in Wollongong before their course begins, will need to book alternate accommodation for that time. We recommend arriving on the weekend (Friday, Saturday or Sunday) before your course commences.

The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) must be satisfied that appropriate welfare arrangements are in place for under-18 students before a visa is granted.

Visa condition 8532 requires that under-18-year-old students maintain suitable accommodation, support and general welfare arrangements.

For under 18 year-old students wanting to stay in accommodation approved by UOW College, the College must nominate the start and end dates of the period they are taking responsibility for the student. These dates are determined as follows:

UOW College program: English Language Programs / Academic Programs
Start date: 7 days before the course start date
End date (whichever occurs first): 7 days after the completion of course, OR The date the student turns 18


Apply for homestay

If you have more questions, please refer to our FAQs for students.