Student feedback

Providing feedback

At UOW College, we want to hear from you. Your student experience is important to us and we are committed to improving our services. We welcome all types of feedback. From positive compliments and comments to complaints or suggestions for improvements.

Feedback will not have any bearing on your student records or academic performance.

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Grievances or complaints

UOW College treats all student grievances seriously and there are specific procedures for addressing your problem. Please check the Student Grievance and Appeals Policy for whether your needs could be better addressed through our formal grievance policy and process. 

We genuinely want to hear from you. Our aim is to acknowledge your feedback within two working days, and respond to your feedback within ten working days (excluding weekends and public holidays).

Every effort will be made to ensure that your privacy and confidentiality is protected. The UOW College Privacy Policy outlines our commitment to privacy.

Your feedback will be provided to the relevant area of UOW College in order to resolve your matter effectively and efficiently and improve the UOW College student experience. If you do not wish to have your details forwarded to the relevant area of UOW College, please specify this in your feedback submission.


Feedback management process 

  1. Contributor (person submitting the feedback) uses online form to submit Feedback to UOW College.
  2. The feedback item is read and categorised by the Student Services Manager.
  3. The matter is then allocated to the Manager within UOW College responsible for the issue.
  4. Where a Contributor has asked not to have their details forwarded on, the Student Services Manager will liaise with the Contributor on the best way to resolve their issue.
  5. The Feedback item is closed once the Contributor has received a reply or outcome.
  6. Should a Contributor not be satisfied with the outcome they are able to request for the item to be reopened and then the process will begin again at step 3 with a potential escalation.

The five below actions, display a snapshot of some of recent activities undertaken at UOW College in direct response to student feedback. This feedback was received through surveys, feedback forms and the student representative forum.

  1. Student Facebook Groups: The pilot Facebook group set up for UAP students in Summer 2012 has been repeated for the Autumn, Spring, and Summer  2013 cohorts. It has also been put in place for the STEP students and the Connect to UOW College students.
  2. The UOW Buddies Program: fosters interaction between UOW domestic students and UOW College international students is now a permanent fixture on the UOW College and UOW student engagement calendar.
  3. Overseas Student Health Cover and Renting Information Sessions: new regular information sessions have been set up for students on Student Health Cover and renting. The BUPA session is catered and will occur on Monday week 2 for all remaining ELICOS cycles this year.
  4. Attendance Calculation: Attendance in Academic Programs is being calculated from the day on which a student actually enrols, not from the first day of session.
  5. BUPA Wellness Sessions: The BUPA Wellness sessions have been expanded to include sessions on homesickness and gambling/computer game addictions.

The three actions provided below are responses to feedback received from students surveys and informal feedback.

  1. The responses collected from the subject survey for Australian Studies FSPW010 indicated that students found the level of difficulty and learning outcomes were not appropriate for their prospective degree. In collaboration with teachers feedback, students assessments and exam results it is deemed appropriate that this subject be replaced with a subject that is more aligned and relevant to students’ academic pathway to their uni degree. A new subject Our Place in Space and Time FSPW011 was rolled out in spring 2017.
  2. Normally the final week for PASS to run is Week 12 of Academic Program session. Regular requests were received from students to have PASS classes in Week 13 in order to further assist students to prepare for their final exams. In each case, the UOW College PASS Program Coordinator organises a location and the PASS Leader provides the additional PASS session.
  3. UAP020 Australian Studies PASS was running in a Learning Hub room without a computer. Students requested access to computer facilities so that some of their needs could be addressed more readily. The UOW College PASS Program Coordinator organised a different location with computer access i.e computer labs.

UOW College Responses to student feedback through surveys and focus groups in 2018.

  1. Lunchtime activities to include non-physical sporting activities such as outdoor Giant Chess, Connect 4, Giant Jenga, Finska and Conversation activities.
  2. Improved communication channels such as MyUOW App, SMS broadcast and posters to promote College and UOW social activities and Wellbeing programs such as International Students Program, Global Communicators Program and UniLife.
  3. Raise awareness on safety and security around campus and in public areas. The inclusion of UOW Security and NSW Police in College orientation and the role they play to ensure the safety of student, staff and the community.
  4. Student Advisor presence at Liverpool Campus one day a week.
  5. Increase the frequency level of communication of Academic and Non-Academic support services to students. SOLS and SMS messages to be sent out to students in Week 3, 6 & 9 for academic and Vocational programs; and week 2 for ELICOS programs.