Peer Learning Program

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Peer Learning Program 

UOW College Australia delivers an in-house Peer Learning Program. Peer learning support is attached to specific subjects in the Academic Program, within the University Entrance Certificate, University Access Program, Foundation Studies Program, and the Diploma Program. It is also provided for selected Vocational courses. 

Current university students who have already successfully completed the subjects, or equivalent subjects, facilitate the peer learning support study groups as Peer Learning Leaders. Some subjects have peer learning support incorporated directly, by embedding a Peer Assistant Tutor into the associated tutorials or computer labs.

For further details and the UOWCA Peer Learning timetables, see here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I learn?
In addition to reinforcement of the subject content, you learn study skills to help you have even more success in the subject. You also learn how to effectively participate in group study with your peers.

How long are study group sessions?
Each study group session is one hour in length, although you do not have to attend the whole hour.

Is it compulsory?
Study group attendance is not compulsory, but the program is designed to provide you with additional academic assistance for selected classes at UOW College Australia.

What is the cost?
The Peer Learning Program is free of charge for all College students.

Who runs the program?
The study groups are facilitated by Peer Learning Leaders, current students who have already successfully completed the subject.

How many people are in a session?
The average number of people in a College Peer Learning study group is five, although this does vary to some extent.

What is the difference between a College Peer Learning Group and a normal class?
A College Peer Learning study group has a strong focus on “how to learn”, while a normal class tends to be mainly focused on “what to learn”. Also, a Peer Learning Group is run by one of your peers, while a normal class is run by an academic teacher.

How do I become involved?
Information is provided during your classes in week 2 of session. You can also find information by contacting:

UOWCA Peer Learning Coordinator

Last reviewed: 17 December, 2018