Tutorial change request

Tutorial change information

Who is this form for?

Please submit this online form if you are unable to change your tutorial using SOLS tutorial enrolment AND you are in one of the courses listed below:

This form is not for students who are in the Diploma of Engineering, ELICOS (English courses) or UOW students. If you are a Diploma of Engineering student in autumn or spring session, please contact the EIS faculty. If you are an ELICOS (English) student, please contact the Building 30 reception. If you are a UOW student, then please see your relevant faculty.

What do I need to know before I submit this form?

  1. Please try to change your class first via SOLS Tutorial Enrolment.
  2. Lectures are mandatory and cannot be moved to other times.
  3. Tutorial Change Requests can be submitted up until Thursday of Week 2 at 5pm. No change of tutorial is accepted after Thursday of Week 2.
  4. The submission of a Change of Tutorial Request Form does not guarantee that the requested tutorial will be granted. In determining tutorial change requests, consideration will be given to class sizes, room capacity and the equitable distribution of students within subjects.
  5. Change of tutorial requests should be accompanied by evidence of extenuating circumstances preventing you from attending the allocated class.
  6. Incomplete requests will not be considered.
  7. You will be advised of the outcome via SOLS mail within 3 working days of lodgement. If your request is approved log on to SOLS “View Timetable” to see your new timetable. You need to attend your current classes while you wait for an outcome.
  8. If you are unsure of what times other classes run, please check the noticeboard at reception.

Need help with Enrolment? UOW College Tutorial Enrolment Instructions can help.