Connect with UOW's regional recruitment experts

Prateek Behl

In Country Representative – UOWC India (South Asia)

+91 844751 9576 |


Winn Wen

In-country Head of Greater China recruitment Hub

+86 13816313000 |


Mohammad Ahmed

In Country Representative – UOWC Pakistan (Middle East)

+92 30 0869 8691 |

Angela (Siew Foong) Lok 

In-Country Representative – UOWC Malaysia (Southeast Asia)

+60 196993898 |


Margaret Yang

In Country Representative – UOWC China

+86 13348993751 |

International representatives of UOW and UOW College

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International Education Agents

International education agents representing UOW College Australia and the University of Wollongong are able to assist you with your application. For a full list of approved international agents and to find an approved international agent near you, please refer to our agent list.

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