Graduation dates

Graduation is for eligible UOW College Australia students who have completed all the requirements of their course. A personal invitation will be sent closer to the date to those eligible graduands to register for graduation.

Next scheduled graduation

Friday, 10 November 2023

Venue: TBA

Eligible students will be emailed closer to the the event date with an invitation to register to attend.

Frequently asked questions


How do I know I’m eligible to graduate?

When you have successfully completed all the requirements for your course and your enrolment record indicates a “Complete” on course status. You will also receive a personal email inviting you to register for graduation.

Am I eligible to graduate if I fast-tracked to UOW?

Students that have opted to fast-track after completing a 1st session of the course are not eligible to graduate.

Am I eligible to graduate if I exit the academic higher education Diploma course with 36 or 42 credit points transfer to my UOW course?

Students in the Diploma of Engineering, Diploma of Business and Diploma of IT that exit these programs with a minimum of 36 or 42 credit point transfer to a UOW course are not eligible to graduate. Note, you will receive the award of a Diploma when you have successfully completed the remaining equivalent subject in the UOW course.

When will I receive my personal invitation to graduation?

All eligible students will be sent a personal email notification 4 weeks prior to the graduation ceremony. Check the key dates to find out when the next graduation ceremony will be held.

I have not received my invitation to register for graduation?

Check your enrolment record in SOLS and see if you have successfully completed all requirements of the course. Students in Vocational courses check with your Course Co-ordinator or RTO Manager to see if you have successfully completed all requirements of the course.

Official Testamur and Transcript Documents

Will I receive my testamur and transcript at the graduation ceremony?

No. You will receive a Congratulation Certificate in recognition of your achievement.

When can I get my official testamur and transcript for my course?

When you have successfully completed the requirements of your course you will need to email the following staff members. They will then arrange for an official hard copy of your testamur and transcript which will be mail posted to you.

Can I get my hard copy of the testamur and transcript before graduation?

No. All hard copies of your testamur and transcripts will be posted to students and cannot be obtained any earlier.

How much will the testamur and transcript cost?

The initial request for original hard copies of your testamur and transcript will be issued for free. Requests for reprints will cost AUD$22.00.

Graduation Ceremony

How long will the graduation ceremony take?

The graduation ceremony will take between 1 and 1.5 hours depending on the number of graduands in the ceremony.

What time should I arrive for the graduation ceremony?

The Graduation Registration Desk opens 1.5 hours before the official proceeding starts. Students are expected to report to this desk before entering the graduation hall. The Graduation Registration Desk will close 15 minutes before the official proceeding commences.

Will I be allowed to join the graduation ceremony if I arrive late?

No. Your Congratulation Certificate will be issued to you at the end of the graduation ceremony.

Will I be wearing an academic gown at the ceremony?

No. Academic gowns are worn at UOW graduation ceremonies only.

What is the dress attire for graduation?

Formal to semi-formal.

How many guests am I allowed to bring to the graduation ceremony?

Maximum of 6 guests per graduand. If you wish to bring more, you will need to contact the UOW College Student Services Manager, contact details will be provided on the invitation email.