Project Unite

An empowering learning journey with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Project Unite offers a sustainability focused program featuring a series of workshops centred on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These workshops are designed for students from Australia and around the world, as well as Group Programs hosted by UOW College. 

Immerse yourself in a short, part time program that places a dedicated focus on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This program is crafted for students to explore areas that address urgent environmental, economic, and societal challenges in our contemporary world. 

Students in local classroom in African continent

Program structure

Enhance your English proficiency while engaging with Sustainable Development Goals. Examples of class topics include:  

  • Communication problems and solutions
  • Thinking of new ideas
  • The connection between people, animals and the environment
  • Relationships between different SDGs
  • Australia’s indigenous culture
  • Sustainability and community
  • Sustainability in the workplace
  • Environmental education

Gain insight into the SDGS and collaborate with other participants to explore their effective implementation in various contexts. Examples of topics covered include Gender Equality, Life Below Water, Zero Hunger, and Affordable and Clean Energy. Develop a solution to your specific SDG and present a final ‘pitch’ to a panel. 

Students and our Group Program partners can opt to enrol in individual workshops or tailor their group program by integrating both enriching units of the Project Unite.  If required, Project Unite can be seamlessly integrated into broader Group Programs delivered by UOW College. 

Program details

The program is delivered both online or at the UOW campus.

  • Unit 1: Choose from either on-line or face-to-face on-campus delivery.
  • Unit 2: Delivered online only.

The program runs for 2 weeks, and there are two sessions in 2024.

  • February 26, 2024 - March 8, 2024
  • August 19, 2024 - August 30, 2024

The cost of the program is:

Project Unite (includes both units of study: English Language and Sustainable Development Goals Futures Workshops)

  • Weekly Rate: $480 
  • One-Time Administrative Fee: $100 
  • Total Cost: $1060

Sustainable Development Goals Futures Workshops only (does not include English Language unit)

  • Weekly Rate: $100 
  • Total Cost: $200 

By the end of the program, students will:

  • Attain a comprehensive understanding of selecting pertinent and fitting SDGs
  • Align chosen SDGs with real-world applications.
  • Develop confidence with speaking, reading, and writing
  • Develop global awareness and intercultural understanding
  • Develop critical thinking skills
  • Develop independent research skills
  • Receive a UOW College Certificate of Appreciation for completion of the program

This program is catered to:

  • Students seeking an understanding of Sustainable Development Goals. 
  • Individuals interested in strengthening English skills within a meaningful context. 
  • Partners looking to enhance their Group Programs with impactful content.
  • Students with an English IELTS result of 5.0 or equivalent (upper-intermediate).

Application and enquiries

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