Academic Bridging Course

Prepare for success with a bridging course

We understand that embarking on your educational journey can sometimes require additional skills and knowledge. This course aims to fill the knowledge gap, ensuring you develop the essential skills for a successful study journey in a UOW College pathway program. 

Our short bridging course covers key content and learning outcomes related to specific NSW HSC subjects (or their equivalent). The course aligns with the mathematics requirements of the UOW College Diploma of Engineering course and University Entrance Program (Stream 3). 

Bridging courses can also be a useful tool if you need to bolster a subject understanding, or refresh knowledge after a study break or returning as an adult learner. 


Academic Bridging Course in Mathematics (course code: 3214)

Study in a supportive learning environment


  • Small class sizes: Benefit from individualised attention and a close-knit learning community, ensuring your questions are addressed and you never feel lost in the crowd.
  • Experienced Teachers: Our teachers bring years of expertise in their fields, offering insights and guidance tailored to your academic journey. 
  • Collaborative Learning: Engage in group discussions, and study sessions to enhance understanding and foster teamwork.
  • Like-minded Students: You will be studying alongside peers who are also keen to develop the same skills as you.

Course information

To be eligible for admission, applicants must: 

  • Be 16 years or older.
  • Be an Australian citizen or hold Australian permanent residency status.
  • Meet the English proficiency requirements specified for your intended program. 
  • Duration: 5 weeks 
  • Intakes: Twice a year in January and September

The course will be delivered from UOW College, Wollongong campus.

Each subject offered in the bridging program is through face-to-face classes that you attend in person and supported through self-directed learning via online resources. There are no online study options for this program.

The course lasts 5 weeks, requiring 6 hours of your time for face-to-face classes with self-paced study also expected.  

Class attendance is vital for understanding the subject content and honing your skills. As such, attendance at UOW College lectures and tutorials is mandatory, requiring at least 80% attendance of all classes.

Mathematics Stream Highlights: 

This subject provides students with the core knowledge and skills in arithmetic and algebra which will prepare them to undertake an introductory course in Calculus. The general topic areas covered in this subject are arithmetic and algebra. The focus is on developing mathematics skills and improving competencies and confidence in the language and techniques of mathematics. 

Assessments are a critical part of your learning experience and are designed to help you refine skills and identify areas for improvement. Assessment details, including the number and types, will be provided upon enrollment.

This course is fee free for students who meet the admission criteria; these students will be notified at the time of the offer. Fee free places are limited and subject to terms and conditions.

To successfully complete the course, students must achieve a specified grade of satisfactory.  

If you have been conditionally accepted to another UOW College course, pending the successful completion of this bridging course: 

  • Your grades will be sent to UOW Admissions after you finish the course. 
  • Achieving a 'satisfactory' grade will clear the stipulated condition in your offer. 
  • Failing to achieve a 'satisfactory' grade means you will not meet the condition of your offer. In such a case, you will need to retake the Bridging Course.  

If you have already applied for a UOW College course, you may receive an alternative offer to enroll in the bridging course to improve your skills in specific areas prior to starting your course.

Students who successfully complete the Academic Bridging Course will fulfill the mathematics knowledge required for their Diploma of Engineering (3 session) or University Entrance Program (Stream 3) offer. 

Package offers

Package offers give students the chance to receive combined offers for this course along with the Diploma of Engineering. If you get a package offer, you are on a guaranteed* track to both the Diploma of Engineering and Bachelor of Engineering. Remember, any additional conditions of your progressive course will be outlined in your offer letter.

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Frequently asked questions

Upon receipt of your bridging program offer, details on when and how to begin the course will be given. Your course offer will include your student number, a key element for the new student registration process.

For the Academic Bridging Course, you'll only need the following materials:

  • A working computer
  • Writing and note-taking tools

This course is intentionally designed to be simple and economical. You won't need any specific textbooks, additional software, or programs.

Bridging courses are not an academic qualification and do not provide you with an award (e.g. certificate or diploma). This course does not satisfy prerequisites for entry to bachelor degrees within the University of Wollongong. You must complete your UOW College pathway to gain entry to UOW.

The bridging course is a non-award program, and no credit is given upon completion. Nevertheless, the program serves as a valuable foundation for further academic studies by enhancing your knowledge and skills in your chosen field.

You can retake the course a maximum of twice a year.

No, this course does not meet the requirements for full-time study as specified by Centrelink. Therefore, you may not be eligible for Centrelink benefits based solely on enrollment in this bridging program. It is recommended to check with Centrelink directly for specific eligibility criteria regarding full-time study requirements and available benefits.

*Guarantee is subject to meeting UOW entry requirements.