Homestay - Apply

Australian Families

Interested in hosting a student?

  • Make use of extra space
  • Experience a unique cultural exchange
  • Enrich your life by supporting a new comer
  • Facilitate your own children’s language-study


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Have an experience of a lifetime

  • Improve your conversational English
  • Become familiar with the customs and culture
  • Affordable alternative to other living options in Wollongong
  • Enjoy the comforts of a home environment

Future Students: Register Here

Current Students: Register Here

Important Note: If you are a current student and wish to apply for Homestay you will need to use an external or personal computer to register with UOW College Homestay. Do not use a UOW College or UOW computer to register as you will receive an access denied error message.

Last reviewed: 4 October, 2018