UOWC Ltd (trading as UOW College) is an Australian Public Company limited by shares. The instrument establishing the entity can be accessed here.

UOW College’s planning and operations are guided by its Strategic Plan 2017-2020. The goals and objectives support the delivery of the vision and mission of the College and are aligned with UOW.

UOW College operates within a comprehensive governance structure with an independent Board of Directors at its apex. UOWC Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of UOWE, which is itself a wholly owned subsidiary of the University of Wollongong. UOWE and UOWC Ltd are part of the corporate group known as UOW Enterprises. The governance framework of UOW College is made up of three main components:

  1. Corporate Governing Bodies: the UOWE Board (parent) and the UOWC Ltd Board (subsidiary);
  2. Academic Governing Body: the UOW College Academic Board; and,
  3. Executive Management Team: Group CEO and Senior Executives employed by UOWC Ltd.

The various Boards and Committees governing UOW College academic operations are outlined in the below diagram.

UOWC Governance Organisation Chart

Functions and membership of UOWC Ltd’s governing bodies are as follows:

UOWE Board

The UOWE Board is the peak governing body for the UOW Enterprises Group.
It provides high level overarching oversight and guidance.

Mr Peter Robson (Chairperson)
Mr Greg West
Mr Noel Cornish
Professor Paul Wellings CBE
Professor Joe Chicharo
Mr Damien Israel
Dr Stewart Routledge AO
Mr Robert Ryan
Professor Alessandro Frino
Ms Marisa Mastroianni

UOWC Ltd Board

The UOWC Ltd Board reports to the UOWE Board. It provides detailed scrutiny of
UOWC operational, financial and academic matters.

Mr Damien John Israel (Chairperson)
Ms Marisa Mastroianni
Professor Alessandro Frino
Ms Vanessa Bourne

UOW College Academic Board

The Academic Board is a committee of the UOWC Ltd Board. It is the senior academic
body that holds authority to oversee the academic governance of UOWC, and reports
and provides recommendation to the UOWC Ltd Board

Associate Professor Grace McCarthy (Chairperson)
Ms Julie Renwick
Dr Celeste Rossetto
Ms Marisa Mastroianni
Associate Professor Lee Moerman
Professor Graham Williams
Emeritus Professor Don Lewis
Ms Leanne Mills
Ms Suzanne Gannon
Ms Eileen Bodey
Ms Luqing Wang

Diagram 2. UOW Enterprises Onshore Organisational Chart

UOW Enterprises Onshore Organisational Chart

Last reviewed: 30 August, 2017