Succeed in your studies. Get extra study help with just the click of a button.

Feeling overwhelmed, stuck on a question, or not sure where to even start?

It’s ok, we all get stuck sometimes, and College and University study can bring a whole new set of challenges. You can get expert help in just a click.

As soon as you get 'stuck' during study, there is a real-life academic expert only a click away to get you back on track, with Studiosity Connect Live.

Want writing help? With Studiosity Writing Feedback, you can drop-off a writing file any time 24/7, and you’ll be notified by email in less than 24 hours when your feedback is ready.

Studiosity FAQs

What is Studiosity?

Studiosity is an after-hours, online tutoring service that can provide, live, one-on-one, anonymous academic study help to UOW College Diploma, UEC, FSP, UAP and Vocational students. All Studiosity online tutors are qualified and experienced teachers or university experts. They are extensively trained to ensure you receive only the best tutoring help. Tutors in a range of subject areas are available for homework, assignments, exam preparations and general study questions.

What UOW College Subjects can Studiosity help me with?

The friendly online tutors can help you out with:

  • Academic skills: Research, Study Skills, English Grammar, Essay and Report Writing, Referencing, Research and Library Skills, Presentation Preparation.
  • Business: Accounting, Marketing, Economics, Statistics.
  • Maths: Basic and Advanced Maths.
  • Nursing and Science: Chemistry, Physics, Biology.

How does Studiosity work?

If you have a question during study, you can follow the link to Studiosity ConnectLive from your UOWC Moodle eLearning sites.You can interact with a tutor online using learning technologies including live chat, an interactive whiteboard and shared web browsing.You can even drop-off an assignment anytime 24/7 via the Writing Feedback service for comments on English-language literacy, grammar, spelling, referencing, etc returned to you within 24 hours.

When is Studiosity available?

Anytime help 24/7, 365 days a year.

How much does it cost?

Because UOW College wants you to succeed in your studies and progress to UOW, access to Studiosity is FREE for current UOW College Academic and Vocational Program students. Any other non-UOW College University or School student can sign-up and use Studiosity themselves, but normal Studiosity charges will apply.

How do I access Studiosity?

Access Studiosity via the link on your UOW College subject Moodle site (login via SOLS).You can log-in to Studiosity from campus, from home, from work – wherever you have an internet connection. It can be used on tablets as well as desktop computers. No appointment is needed, and no extra software needs to be downloaded.

Where can I get further help?

For further help and information, visit the Studiosity website.