Study English Language

Why study English Language at UOW College?

Are you an international student looking to develop your English language skills? Do you want to study English and fully experience university life? UOW College has English programs to set you up for the future. 


On completion of our programs, you will develop: 

  • Language skills for study and social interaction 
  • Study skills in preparation for tertiary study 
  • Listening skills in social and academic contexts fluency in speaking

Information about the University of Wollongong’s English language requirements are available on the UOW website.

UOW College Australia also offers Study Tours which provide a great way to improve confidence and English proficiency. Study Tours are tailored to suit the specific needs of groups and can range in duration and delivery.

Which English course?

English course Who for Entry level Purpose Progression
English for Tertiary Studies (ETS)

Upper-Intermediate to Advanced English students 

IELTS 5.0-6.0 (Writing 5.0 or 5.5) or equivalent Improve English skills to gain direct entry to university courses Direct entry to postgraduate / undergraduate OR Diploma
English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Lower-Intermediate to Advanced English students No required level of English. Applicants are placed on arrival. Improve basic English skills in preparation for higher level academic English study Standalone course OR can lead to Direct Entry English course OR Foundation/Diploma courses
Introduction to Academic Studies (IAS) High level English students Met direct entry English requirements for UOW degree Additional English and academic study preparation before commencing degree Direct entry to postgraduate / undergraduate
General English Students who want to improve English for everyday use/work No required level of English. Applicants are placed on arrival Improve English skills for everyday usage, not necessarily for progression to university Standalone course OR can lead to EAP or other specialised English courses
English Plus Uni Students who want to improve English and sample study in a university course IELTS 5.5 (Reading and Writing 5.0) or equivalent Improve English skills and gain exposure to university study by auditing one or two subjects Standalone course OR can lead to EAP or other specialised English courses


What’s different about each course?

English for Tertiary Studies (ETS) is our premium direct entry English course for students who need to improve their English in order to gain admission to undergraduate or postgraduate university study. It is a skills-based course which provides a thorough introduction to the educational requirements for tertiary study and helps students think critically about university life and culture. The course focuses on developing language skills and strategies and using language in academic contexts as well as developing strong tertiary study skills. 

Our English for Tertiary Studies (ETS) course is for students who have a conditional offer for either a postgraduate or undergraduate course at UOW, but have not yet met the University’s English language requirements Depending on your level of English, you may need a 6-week, a 12-week, or an 18-week ETS course. On successful completion of the ETS course, you are able to transition directly into your UOW program, without needing to undertake an external English language exam.


English for Academic Purposes (EAP) is for students who want to develop the foundations of English for studying in tertiary programs. It provides an opportunity to learn English language in context in preparation for university study. After successful completion of a core unit of study, students may have the option to: 

  1. Enter the advanced level ETS program to reach university entry level  
  2. Enter our Foundation Studies course 
  3. Enter a UOW College Australia Diploma course. 

Our EAP course helps students to prepare for more formal academic studies in English. Students develop academic language skills and have the opportunity to practise these, as well as developing skills in both critical thinking and independent study skills. If you are wanting to move into our Foundation Studies, Diploma or ETS programs, but don’t yet meet the entry requirements for English Language, this course is for you!

Introduction to Academic Studies (IAS) prepares international students for academic life and for living in Australia. It is designed to develop and refine a wide range of academic skills necessary for success in university study. The social aspects of beginning a new life in a foreign country are also a focus of classroom and excursion activities. Students who take the IAS course have already met university entry requirements and have been offered a place in either an undergraduate or postgraduate degree course. On completion of IAS, students will proceed to university. 

If you are an international student who has already met the English Language requirement for your studies at UOW, but would like to build your confidence and develop those academic skills required at university, this course is for you.

Wanting to improve your English language skills for either work or study? Our General English program allows students to develop their understanding of Australian and international culture while improving and practising their language skills in a fun and interactive environment. 

General English courses are offers five levels of General English for beginner, elementary, intermediate and upper-intermediate English language students. 

English plus Uni provides a great opportunity to participate in undergraduate academic subjects and fully experience university life, while continuing to develop your English language skills. You may not have quite met the English language requirements for UOW entry – so why not study English for 14 hours a week, and audit a first-year university subject or two? Meet local students and experience life as a university student is Australia, but continue to receive language instruction to develop your skills and confidence during the program. This program is offered at specific times which align with UOW Session dates.

English Plus Uni is designed for study abroad students who need to improve their English skills but would like to sample one or two undergraduate subjects from selected fields of study.

Meet Lillia

While studying at UOW College I immersed myself in the learning process and considerably improved by English skills. From my experience, the best way to learn English is through real experience studying abroad and UOW College is the best place to do this. I met the most amazing and kind people from around the world and have made some great friends. Lillia Masters of Education

* Guarantee is subject to meeting UOW entry requirements.