Your orientation is an essential part of starting at UOW College. It's your chance to discover everything UOW College has to offer, make new friends and immerse yourself in student culture

Orientation FAQs

Yes, orientation is compulsory for all students. It is normally held the two weeks prior to the first week of session. If you can’t attend, you need to contact us.

You will receive important information about your course, learn about the various online systems, services and support available to you. There will be introductory course related workshops which are optional. Ask for Help Sessions and mini workshops on student administrative online systems and services.

Your orientation date and time will depend on the start date of your course. Information sessions are scheduled according to your course and student type, domestic or international.

There is no need to register for sessions. All information sessions, mini workshops and help sessions are held online via Zoom.

Your signed offer acceptance form, proof of ID (passport or birth certificate). If you are an international student on a student visa a copy of your eCOE.

If you are having issues with enrolling online, you may need to clear any conditions attached to your offer. They will need to be cleared before you can login to create your student account. If you have questions about clearing these conditions please contact us on email uowcollege-studentsupport@uow.edu.au.

Once you have created your student account your username and password provides access to university systems (UOW student email on Office 365, SOLS, Moodle, UOW Wi-Fi, Online Library services, printing and copying).

You can defer your offer to study at UOW College for up to 12 months. If you do not wish to commence your College course on dates stipulated on your offer, please contact Future Students on email futurestudents@uow.edu.au.

If you are enrolled in your first session and now wish to defer it is important that you contact the UOW College Student Advisor on email college-advisor@uow.edu.au.

Yes you can. Visit our return to campus website for everything you need to know about coming on campus, accessing our facilities and following social distancing practices.

Details about the USI are available on the USI page, if you have questions about the USI please contact us on email uowcollege-studentsupport@uow.edu.au.