Information for host families

Welcome host families

Our Homestay hosts welcome students into their home and encourage them to experience life as a member of the family.

Host family requirements

Hosts can be individuals, couples or families with children. As well as a warm and friendly environment, there are a few key things that we’re looking for in your home.

Accommodation and amenities

A clean home with the appropriate furnishings suitable for a student. The student’s room must be safe, secure and private with suitable storage for clothes, and include a bed, desk, chair and adequate lighting for study purposes. They will have access to shared spaces like the living room, kitchen and bathroom, with sufficient time allowed for showers.


Host families should live very close to public transport and be within 30 minutes travel to UOW. Families who live outside of this area are restricted to hosting study tour students, who require daily delivery/pickup to and from the campus.


Students will be provided with breakfast and dinner each day, and lunch on the weekends. Just prepare what you would normally make for the household but it’s nice to ask early on if they have any specific likes or dislikes. Breakfast can be self-service with cereals and toast. Dinner each night is a nice opportunity to sit down, have a proper meal and catch up on each other’s days. Lunches on the weekend can be a sandwich, salad, pasta. We often receive feedback that students are hungry but too shy to ask for more food so it’s a good idea to have noodles and cheap snacks available in the pantry.


All families must have internet access for study purposes and to aid communication with the student's family and friends at home.

Working with Children Check

All family members, who are over 18, in your home will require a Working with Children Check.

Homestay administration fee

An annual administrative processing fee applied to all host families that have been registered and approved to host students. Please refer to Host Family Terms and Conditions.

Homestay administration fee: $231
Discount allowed for payments received 7 days prior to payment due date: 20%




If you have more questions, please refer to our frequently asked questions