Adam - University Access Program graduate

University Access Program - 2013

Bachelor of Engineering - 2017 (graduated) 

UOW College offered me an excellent option to achieve my goals

I was working as an Orthodontic Technician for five years before deciding to return to study. I created orthodontic appliances which gave me my first real taste of hands-on engineering and inspired me to change the direction of my career.

My HSC marks were below average so without a direct path into an engineering degree, the University Access Program (UAP) at UOW College provided a pathway opportunity. I had schoolmates who had been through this program and it was highly recommended by all. Being a local to the Wollongong area and planning to study at UOW afterwards, UOW College offered an excellent option to achieve my goals.

The University Access Program allowed me to develop key foundational research study skills, whilst also providing a ‘refresher’ on the high school topics which were assumed fundamental knowledge for the engineering degree I wanted to pursue. The course also provided me with a great taste of university life.

UOW College allowed me to network and make friends with like-minded individuals. It enabled students to build study groups, especially in the engineering stream, with a number of us remaining friends today even after graduation. The comradery between peers is second-to-none. The PASS program was also invaluable. In fact, one year into my engineering degree, I secured a position with UOW College as a PASS leader. This has enabled me to pass on those key foundational study skills to the next generation of students. It gives me great pride to see current students excel in their future endeavors, knowing that just like myself, UOW College has also offered them a path to higher degree learning.

Coming back to study as a mature-aged student has been very beneficial because although there are the inherent extra responsibilities such as partners, pets, work and mortgages, I am at UOW because I really want to be. I am studying a degree I am truly passionate about and my final marks reflect that. In my third year of study I was lucky enough to gain employment as an undergraduate engineer with Shoalhaven Water and I am continuing to work on my undergraduate thesis research topic. I will also commence my PhD at UOW part-time in 2018.

Having lecturers at both UOW College and UOW who are truly passionate about teaching, and passing on their knowledge to the next generations was invaluable. My advice to students considering studying at UOW College would be to not be afraid and take the leap!
If you work hard, anything is possible.