Sofia - STEP to UOW


I chose to study at UOW College after I experienced some trauma during senior high school, which significantly disrupted my studies. I discovered the STEP Program during year 11 then attended an information night at the college. From then, I knew I wanted to do this course. I was so relived to know that there are more options out there than the mainstream. It was comforting to know that experiencing hardship does not mean that your chances of entering University are diminished.

In March 2020, I will be commencing my Bachelor of Medical and Health Sciences. My experience with childhood cancer definitely inspired me to go into the medical field and I feel as if this degree will give me the perfect opportunity to make that happen. I aim to go into Pathology, Hematology or even Radiology. One day, I’d love to make a difference and say that I contributed to finding a cure.

My studies so far at the college have already prepared the transition to my degree in a number of ways. Due to all the schooling I missed in high school due to my illness, I have major gaps in my learning. However, through STEP, I have filled these gaps – in particular, in my chemistry and physics subjects. Also, I am not even an official University student yet; however I know my way around the UOW campus seamlessly – which has definitely aided the transition process. Also, the fact I am already connected with all types of support systems like Disability Services before I even commence my degree certainly will help my transition to my degree.

Some of my fondest memories from my time at the college include the long lasting friendships I’ve made within my program. I have a few really close friends today that I wouldn’t have made if it weren’t for college bringing us together.

If anything, I’ve learnt the most about myself during my time at UOW College. I believe a strong sense of self; confidence and resilience are the most useful aspects to get through any adversity. Therefore, the endurance I have learnt at UOW College is the most useful aspect I have found for my future endeavors. Having dedicated lessons in science-based subjects has helped to give me a solid foundation for my future endeavors, being my science degree.


UOW College is certainly a positive experience, which encourages you to overcome difficulties so that you can get back on track and transition to UOW. Make sure to always communicate with teachers and get any additional support you feel you need, as there will always be other services available; such as psychologist, student advisors and disability services. Finally, always remember time management is vital to be a productive student. Have a focus on self-care as a positive mindset can get you through anything! ”