Sina - Certificate IV Fitness

Certificate IV in Fitness

I originally applied to study a Bachelor of Materials Engineering UOW, however since I did not have an ATAR, I was given an offer to study the University Access Program (UAP) at UOW College  and upon completion would be able to study at UOW.

I also decided to start my Certificate lll in Fitness as I always was an active person and had an interest in the fitness industry. The reason I choose UOW College was that I had already successfully completed a program with them (UAP) in which I had learnt so much in the amazing environment they had created, so it was an easy decision to make.

After finishing my Certificate IV in fitness I will pursue a career in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and fitness instructor as well as continuing to study my Bachelor’s degree at UOW.

As a student that had come through UOW College, I had already experienced and was familiar with the campus and how the university operates, and on the academic side of things the subjects that I studied at the College had prepared me so well that I felt like I had an upper hand against the other students in my Bachelor degree. For example, I could never give a presentation or speak in front of a crowd, but because of the encouragement I received and the supportive environment I was placed in I was able to overcome this weakness.

Academically UOW College definitely helped to prepare me for UOW and how to approach studies and assignments in my degree. It also was an environment that helped me improve in other aspects such as an increase in my confidence, better networking skills and body language, setting goals and working towards achieving them.

During your time at UOW there will be tough times and challenges, but you should remember that hard work and dedication ALWAYS pays off.