Liliia - English for Tertiary Studies graduate

English for Tertiary Studies (ETS) 

Masters of Education

 I decided to study at UOW College because I wanted to improve my English to gain entry to postgraduate university study. I am now studying my master’s degree in Education at UOW and I am enjoying my study very much.

While studying at UOW College I immersed myself in the learning process and considerably improved by English skills. From my experience, the best way to learn English is through real experience studying abroad and UOW College is the best place to do this. I met the most amazing and kind people from around the world and have made some great friends. My fondest memory is gaining the honor student certificate of UOW College.

I am very pleased that I decided to study at UOW College. I am enjoying studying my master’s degree and I am happy to have this amazing experience in my life.