Emma - Diploma of Nursing

Diploma of Nursing

I wanted to study the Bachelor of Nursing at University of Wollongong, but I didn’t get the marks I needed. I came across UOW College through word of mouth. I am honestly so happy that I didn’t get the marks for the Bachelor because I love doing the Diploma. The Diploma suits me perfectly as I didn’t want to study for a long time as the Diploma only goes for 18 months. My Diploma gives me access to transition directly into the workforce as an Enrolled Nurse (EN).
I’ll work as an EN for a short period of time in a hospital and then study the Bachelor of Nursing at UOW to further my study towards a Registered Nurse (RN) qualification and specialize in a specific area of study. I will work as an EN in my spare time whilst studying at UOW.
UOW College will prepare me for the work force and for studying the Nursing degree as I need to complete 400 hours of work placement during my course before I graduate. This allows me to work in a hospital and learn nursing practices before even getting a job. Going on work placement builds my confidence and allows me to learn through hands on activities.
The memories I have from studying with the college are the experiences I have had during my work placements and the people I’ve met. Throughout the course I have met lots of amazing and inspiring people that I will look up to when I’m a nurse. I’ve had many different experiences working in different areas in the hospital that I will always remember and learn from.
UOW College has completely set me up for the work force as they have taught me everything I need to know as an Enrolled Nurse. The work placements I have experienced will be very useful when working as an EN as I have learnt so much from them. Working in different areas in the hospital and working with different nurses has significantly prepared me for future endeavors.
Join the college. The college will set you up for bachelor degrees in the University or set you up for the workforce. Everyone in the College is understanding, welcoming and helpful. I am so happy I joined the college, it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.