Ebony - Diploma of Nursing graduate

Diploma of Nursing

I chose to study the Diploma of Nursing because I wanted to complete my studies in an small classroom environment with a close group of peers. With my current love for nursing, I know that after I graduate from UOW College, I intend on using my career ready qualification to work in a hospital, while I also study my Bachelor of Nursing, to further my knowledge in this field.

My studies have prepared me well for transitioning into my bachelor course and entering the work force, by reflecting on my time management skills and professionalism. It has also prepared me to work effectively in a team, as I am usually an independent worker. It has also helped me to embrace the diversity of people attending the course and how different people can be in the workplace.

One aspect of the College I found the most useful for my future endeavors is having trainers that are well advanced in their careers, with a broad experience in the field of nursing! This really helps when we are inquisitive about nursing practices.

UOW College is a special place for students to learn because I feel it prepares you well for bachelor studies and provides a supportive and close knit environment. With easy access to the university library, campus restaurants and peer support groups, it is a great place to be.