Bryce - University Access Program

University Access Program

UOW College offered the opportunity to study on campus during flexible hours for those like myself who work a regular day job. Additionally, the course provided was a precise and effective pathway into my chosen career path.

I’m currently progressing through my studies in a Bachelor of Science Education (Biology focus), where I aim to become a High School Science/Biology teacher.

The language and literacy class provided the stepping stones I needed in order to feel confident tackling my first (and inevitable) essay. A lot of the focus was basic, yet fundamental knowledge for essay structuring and referencing which a lot of those who seek the College programs will be lacking.

Meeting new and like-minded individuals who have chosen similar times in their life to pursue academic studies really gave me the sense of comradery and true friendship. The teachers are more relaxed and willing to indulge in your curiosities with academic study, even the unrelated weekend story which created a fun learning environment.

The teachers were able to be more attentive due to the smaller class size. You could bounce around various questions, big or small, and they could offer you the correct advice as they understood all students were about to walk in to their first year of bachelor studies. On the contrary, there are some first-year teachers from my Science subjects where I may not have even said as much as ‘hello’ to as they were juggling 200+ students.

UOW College is a very welcoming and supportive pathway option that can tailor for almost any degree preference you will look to pursue.
You can’t go wrong with UOW College, it prepares you for your first year, more than coming fresh out of high school. Understanding how to navigate the Universities online learning portals, the libraries diverse catalogue and the referencing system are all challenges a typical HSC student will face, that UOW College gives you an advantage on.