Information for Businesses 

Traineeships are a great way of developing new workers as well as upskilling your existing workforce. As a business, you can take on new workers as trainees [New Entrant Trainees] who are employed less than 3 months under a Smart & Skilled Subsidised fee or develop existing workers [Existing Workers Traineeship]. The employer contribution under the Smart & Skilled subsidy is no more than $1000 for New Entrant Trainees. For existing worker traineeships, please contact your ANP to check for funding from the Australian government.

UOW College can provide individually tailored training packages to suit the business as well as the trainee. Throughout the duration of the traineeship UOW College facilitates the delivery and monitors the progress of the Trainee.

Benefits of employing a Trainee

  • Enrich and train workers and new employees
  • Help in developing productive workers over a short period of time
  • Give recognition and build on the skills that current employees have
  • Upskill your employees to reflect the changing labour environment
  • Develop a professional development culture and motivated employees
  • Attract motivated new employees and gain fresh perspectives
  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Access the latest knowledge and skills
  • Choose the skills you'd like to develop in your employees [UOW College provides tailored training packages to suit your organisations needs]
  • Government regulated
  • Achieve a highly trained workforce

How long is a Traineeship?

The length of the traineeship depends on the chosen course and | or industry. There are full-time or part-time options available to trainees. In general a traineeship takes 1-2 years to complete. Upon successful completion, you will have a highly skilled, fully qualified employee.

What are the costs involved?

  • Traineeships are fully funded by the NSW Government bur there may be a maximum out of pocket expense of $1000. Check with the ANP regarding the eligibility of incentive payments form the Australian Government.This fee is tax deductible.

What the next step?

  • Identify employees eligible for an Existing Worker Traineeship or employ new workers and sign them up as New Entrant Trainees
  • Employer and Trainee complete and sign the Training Contract with the assistance of the Apprenticeship Network Provider [ANP]. ANP’s are funded by the Australian Government and their service is FREE to employers
  • UOW College will prepare the Training plan in conjunction with the employer
  • The Training Plan will be checked by the ANP who subsequently submits the proposed Training Plan to Training Services NSW
  • Once the Training plan is approved, the trainee must enrol with UOW College
  • Training Services NSW will issue the employer and trainee with a letter of approval
  • Check with the ANP regarding the eligibility of incentive payments form the Australian Government
  • Trainee will commence their traineeship

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Last reviewed: 7 May, 2018