Information for Trainees

A traineeship is full-time or part-time employment that combines work with your employer and structured training which is provided by a Registered Training Organisation [UOW College]. A traineeship is a great way to develop your skills, gain hands on experience in your chosen field and usually lasts one to two years. UOW College can provide you with a training program that matches your industry and employer’s specific needs.

Benefits of a Traineeship

  • Gain a nationally recognised qualification
  • Get hands on, practical work experience
  • Opportunity to put theory into practice
  • Earn while you learn
  • Ability to accelerate and finish early if you complete all competency units early
  • Make connections and increase your employability in your chosen industry
  • Access to all UOW campus facilities including all support services
  • Your employer will allow you time on the job to complete your theoretical assessments

How long are courses? Can they be full time or part time?

The length of the course depends on your chosen course and | or industry. There are full-time or part-time options available and in general courses take 1-2 years to complete. Upon successful completion of your traineeship, you will receive the full qualification which is nationally recognised.

What are the costs involved?

Traineeships are fully funded by the NSW Government. There may be an out of pocket expense of $1000 to either the employer or trainee. This fee is tax deductable.

What do you need to do next? 

  • Decide what Traineeship you would like to do
  • Find an employer in your chosen industry that will take you on as a Trainee
  • Select UOW College as you Training Provider
  • Your employer will contact their nearest Apprenticeship Network Provider [APN]
  • A Traineeship is established and training contracts are signed between employer, trainee and UOW College
  • Start your Traineeship 

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Last reviewed: 7 May, 2018