The families that you stay with have all been approved as Homestay providers by the Homestay Coordinator. To ensure you are provided with a safe and caring environment, all of our families have insurance and police checks (must be working with children compliant) and we interview and inspect all families in their homes. Both before approving them and then on an ongoing basis to ensure high standards are maintained. Our policies & procedures meet or exceed all Homestay compliance legislation and our families are caring, thoughtful people who will help you navigate the new cultural and social situations safely.

Contact UOW College

Should you have an emergency, UOW College Homestay are available 24hrs on: +61 438 831 246.

UOW College Homestay is located in Building 30 on the University of Wollongong campus. So if you have any problems, you can find us easily.


We find a family that suits you

We will work hard to find a family that suits you best.  In your application form we ask questions like “what do you like?’’ so we can find a family that shares similar interests.

UOW College staff are experienced

UOW College Homestay staff have all hosted students themselves for many years and we choose to work in this job because we believe in the Homestay program and have a genuine heart for the benefits it brings to both the families and the students.

Our personal experience means that we understand the needs of families as well as the needs of students.

We work very closely with our families and our students and have long term relationships to maintain with both, so the success of the Homestay placement is very important to us. Our aim is to make everyone as happy and safe as possible.

We have more than 1500 local families

UOW College Homestay began life more than 15 years ago and has diligently cared for students and families over these many years.

We began with only 12 families and have grown to a data base of over 1500.

We have a long proven history of care and service, where we exceed the regulatory levels of safety compliance and attention to student welfare.

To us, you are not just a body for a bed and we genuinely want to find the “best family fit” for you as a person. Because we have such a huge variety of families to choose from, it means we have the best chance of success, in finding a family that is just perfect for you.

Last reviewed: 30 March, 2016