Information for Students

Information for Students

Homestay will allow you to live with a local family, as a part of the family.

Benefits from staying in Homestay

Your UOW College Homestay Host Family will Support and Care for You 

You will be treated like a family member during your stay. You will receive a complete immersion into the local lifestyle and learn what it is like to be a real Australian. They will advise and support you as you learn to find your way around a new city and a new culture and will advise and help you if you have any questions or problems during your stay. It is just like having family here, instead of being all alone.

Your English will improve

Speaking English every day with your host family and their friends, will give you plenty of listening and speaking practice, which cements the lessons that you learn in the classroom. Your family will also help you to understand the meaning of tricky new words you learn during your stay (particularly helpful for our ‘Aussie slang’ – which you will not find in your dictionary). Having many different people to talk to, about a broad range of everyday topics, will improve your vocabulary, your listening skills, your pronunciation and your confidence.

Our Accommodation is Cost Effective

Staying with a UOW College Homestay family is very cost effective. In 2017 our price equates to less than $38 per a day for a private room or less than $32 per day if you share your room with a friend. This price includes your fully furnished room, bedding, linen, water, gas, electricity, laundry expenses, breakfast every day, dinner every day and even lunch when you are home on weekends (and all the English practice you can get). We believe there is no cheaper way to live (safely) in Wollongong than a UOW College Homestay.

Important Information - Before You Register 

  • Don’t arrive too early

Students should only plan to arrive in Homestay a few days before the commencement of their classes. Students who plan to holiday in Wollongong before their course begins, will need to book alternate accommodation for that time. We recommend arriving on the weekend (Friday, Saturday or Sunday) before your course commences.

UOW College Homestay closes at 12 noon on Friday 22nd and re-opens on Wednesday 3rd of January 2018.

New students, commencing classes on January 8th 2018, cannot arrive at Homestay before Thursday 4th of January.



The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) must be satisfied that appropriate welfare arrangements are in place for under-18 students before a visa is granted.

Visa condition 8532 requires that under-18-year-old students maintain suitable accommodation, support and general welfare arrangements. Under-18-year-old students may stay with a parent or suitable relative or, if this is not possible, they must stay in accommodation approved by UOW College.

For under 18 year-old students wanting to stay in accommodation approved by UOW College, the College must nominate the start and end dates of the period they are taking responsibility for the student. These dates will be determined as per the table below.

  Start Date End Date (whichever occurs first)

English Language Programs

7 days before the course start date
  • 7 days after the completion of the course, or
  • The date the student turns 18

Academic programs

7 days before the course start date
  • 7 days after the completion of the course, or
  • The date the student turns 18


Homestays for international students at UOW College are provided and managed by UOW College Homestays.

Click through to register for UOW College Homestay.

Click through to read the DIBP Fact Sheet relating to Student Visa holders under 18 years of age.

Last reviewed: 9 October, 2017