Information for Host Families

Information for host families

Homestay is hosting a person in your home (usually a student), as a part of the family.

A letter from our Homestay Coordinator

Opening your home to a stranger can be a daunting proposition. And in truth, it is not for everyone. Being a successful UOW College Homestay host family involves patience, kindness, versatility, flexibility, warmth, cultural understanding and excellent communication skills. Sound impossible? Well it’s not really… We will help you.

If you have the room for another person (or persons) in your home and in your heart, then give hosting a try. We will provide the advice and information you will need to manage the ups and downs of including a new person in your family’s routine and we will always be on call to help with new questions and situations as they arise.

Our staff have all hosted for many years. So we know what we are talking about and what things are like from your perspective. We are not administrators in a cold distant office somewhere. We are local. We are available and we care. Also, as the office is now on campus, we have direct access to the student advisors and staff here, so we can be even more efficient on our response to problems & advice. UOW College Homestay gives you protection & support that you cannot find with any other provider in Australia.

Hosting is a GREAT experience! I myself have hosted for more than 13yrs, and only stopped counting the students who had stayed at my house when I got to 160 (which was some years ago). I have loved the experience so much that I now run the program. My son was 10 when we began, and he has loved the flow of new people, learnt from the cultural exchange and found confidence in himself through helping those who seemed very much to need him (even though they were older than he was). I can say with honesty, that even if I won the lottery tomorrow and retired, I would still host. Some of my favourites have been a 12 yr old girl from Korea, a 28yr old Muslim man from Saudi Arabia, a 27yr old Masters in International Law student, a couple from Thailand and a 17yr old TIGS boy from China.

I would love to offer you the same opportunity that we’ve had.

If you are interested in joining the program. Please fill out our simple application form. We will be in touch with more information and if you are still keen to proceed, we will then make an appointment time to come out to your place to meet you.

If you have more questions, please check out our frequently asked questions.

Thanks for your interest in our program.

Tarcita Heaven – UOW College Homestay Coordinator

Last reviewed: 1 April, 2016