General English Course

General English

General English courses are for students who want to improve all-round English language skills for everyday use, work or leisure purposes at a pace that suits them.

The course is designed over five levels, from an elementary level through to upper intermediate level. Each level has a strong focus on core skills such as listening, reading, writing and speaking.

* Whilst this course is registered independently on CRICOS, letters of offer and enrolments will be made under CRICOS Course Code 069912A English Language Programs (Beginner to Advanced). English Language Programs is a packaged course offered by UOW College for the study of multiple English language courses, including English for Academic Purposes (CRICOS Code 057131G), English for Tertiary Studies (CRICOS Code 059174B), English for Tertiary Studies Bridging Course (CRICOS Code 080511C), General English (CRICOS Code 057140F), Introduction to Academic Studies (CRICOS Code 057141E) and Preparation for IELTS (CRICOS Code 057142D).
Last reviewed: 30 September, 2015