IELTS Testimonials

IELTS Testimonials

Luna Fumagalli (Italian)

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I chose UOW College IELTS Testing Centre because I was looking for a nice environment to sit my IELTS test to avoid feeling pressure and stress. The UOW campus provided this – it was peaceful, beautiful and surrounded by nature.

My UOW College IELTS experience was great - everything was very organised with no delays or surprises, instructions were explained clearly and the test process was smooth. The staff were highly compassionate, professional, friendly and very helpful.

Thanks to my UOW College IELTS result (overall 7.5), I have been accepted into a competitive Master’s Degree in Psychology. My IELTS experience has given me the opportunity to pursue my dream of becoming a registered psychologist.

I would highly recommend UOW College IELTS Testing Centre - there is no better place to do an IELTS test.

Lucas Jaubert (French)

Lucas bannerI chose UOW College IELTS Testing Centre because it was located on the University of Wollongong (UOW) campus where I aspired to study. My UOW College IELTS result (overall 7) allowed me to enter a Mathematics degree at UOW.

I recommend UOW College IELTS Testing Centre to others and encourage candidates to relax and it will go well!

Last reviewed: 7 March, 2018