Peer Learning Timetable

Peer Learning Program and Timetables 

In order to enhance the overall student learning experience, a dedicated Peer Learning Program operates at UOWCA. The program consists of three types of potential peer learning support: Peer Assisted Tutorials (PAT), Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS), and Peer Learning study groups. Usually the peer learning support will commence in Week 3 of College Academic session.

Peer learning support is attached to many of the subjects on offer at the College, in one or more of the three forms. Attendance at Peer Learning study groups is optional, but highly recommended.

  1. PAT provides students with a second person to consult in tutorials, in addition to their regular teacher.
  2. Where available, PASS provides the opportunity to participate in group study with fellow students, with the guidance of a PASS Leader. It focuses on weekly subject content, with an emphasis on students learning ‘how to study’, not just ‘what to study’. PASS also helps students to develop their skills in finding solutions for study problems themselves, so developing more independent study skills.
  3. Peer Learning study groups function in a different way to PASS. Students learn "how to study" but also "what to study" is reinforced and revised. Also, rather than a week-by-week content focus, some are aimed at breaking down assessments into manageable steps with the guidance of a Peer Learning Leader. It is important to note that the leader does not do the assessment work for the students, but can provide generalised feedback on student assessment work in progress.

Timetables will usually be available here by the beginning of Week 3 of Academic session. In the meantime, details of the times and locations of sessions will be provided during Week 2 lectures, by the Peer Learning staff, and/or via SOLSmail.

Below are the links to timetables for those courses / subjects which have Peer Learning Program support available: 

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Last reviewed: 29 October, 2018