UOW College students have access to the University of Wollongong accommodation facilities. Many students say one of the best parts of the university experience is living in a University residence. It is a once in a lifetime chance to live in a community that has people from so many walks of life and countries. The UOW Living environment is one committed to providing high academic achievement, involvement, development and, of course, fun. The convenient locations, professional staff and the various social, cultural and sporting events all add to the vibrant atmosphere of UOW Living.

The best bits of UOW Living

  • The new friendships that often last beyond university years and across countries
  • Exposure to a wider range of people, ideas and cultures
  • The choice of living in catered, flexi catered or self catered styles of housing in a supportive, community based lifestyle
  • Social, sports, cultural and community based activities
  • A comfortable and secure living environment that is hassle free (no electricity, gas or phone rental to pay)
  • The convenient locations (all residences are a short distance away from UOW, most are accessible by a free shuttle bus to the Uni and some are walking distance)
  • Academic and well-being support with a range of developmental and study support groups available
  • Value for money, no surprise expenses

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Last reviewed: 22 September, 2015