Paljor Lama

Paljor Lama

Diploma of Business - 2005

Bachelor of Commerce - 2008

How did your studies at UOW College prepare you for transitioning to your bachelor studies at UOW?

Looking back, I realise how my studies at UOW College were structured to give me the best possible preparation for my bachelor studies at UOW.

As an international student coming out of high school, it would have been quite a daunting prospect to dive straight into a huge university. The small classes and individual attention I received at UOW College were the ideal stepping stones in setting myself up with the skills I needed at UOW, like essay writing, referencing, researching academic journals and so on, which weren't familiar to me in my home country of Nepal.

What are your fondest memories about your time at UOW College?

The fondest memories I have of my time at UOW College would have to be the time that I spent with the people that I met there - not just the students but also the teachers and staff members. They were all so friendly and I had the privilege to learn from some of the best teachers I ever had at UOW College.

What is one aspect of UOW College that you found to be the most useful for your future endeavours?

It would have to be the individual support that I received and the skills I learned that I needed in order to succeed at UOW. As an international student who was completely unfamiliar with the education system and teaching methods used in Australia, UOW College helped me a lot and set me up for success at UOW.

What advice would you give to students considering studying at UOW College and UOW?

I consider the time I spent at UOW College and UOW the best days of my life and cannot recommend studying there highly enough. You will have a great balance between studies and social life, learning the skills to succeed in your career while also forming friendships that last a lifetime.

Paljor is currently working as the Marketing Coordinator for the English Language Company.


Last reviewed: 30 September, 2015