Lucas Zhu

UOW Alumni - Lucas Zhu

Lucas Zhu

Introduction to Academic Studies (IAS) - 2008

Master of Computer Science, System & Network Security (Distinction) – 2008
Master of Information and Communication Technology - 2009

How did your studies at UOW College prepare you for transitioning to your bachelor studies at UOW?

There are vast differences between Australia and where I came from in terms of university study. The courses in UOW are structured in the way that requires you to stand up and present your ideas. This is very similar to a real corporation where you sometimes need to convey your ideas not only to audiences in the room, but also across the ocean.

UOW College was a stepping stone for me. From where I came from, the culture was a bit conservative, people only speak publicly if they are believed to be the best, so unless you are the best, this is not your place to speak. During the 5 weeks of English study in UOW College, I came to realise the differences and it triggered a set of changes I made afterwards.

What is one aspect of UOW College that you found to be the most useful for your future endeavours?

The courses UOW College provided were structured in the way that encourages you to stand up, to some extent, force you to stand up and to either tell a story or introduce yourself, or deliver a short presentation on a research topic. This is hugely close to the university course I found later on and prepared students not only for university study, but also for future employment.

What advice would you give to students considering studying at UOW College and UOW?

Observe, stay curious and challenge yourself.

Observation and staying curious helps you to notice all these differences, and helps your body and mind to adapt to it. If you don’t know what your goal is, you will never get it.

After you have observed the differences, challenge yourself to adapt to them.

At the beginning, I did find public speaking to be a huge challenge for me. I battled my mind really hard to be able to sleep before the presentation day, and to be able to not call in sick. I forced myself, lifted myself up and faced the challenges. This also includes determination to succeed in overcoming yourself.

Remember, the quicker you adapt, the less pain you’ll suffer, and the earlier you’ll raise a champagne glass and toast to all the memories.

Lucas is currently working as a Network Engineer for Google Inc.


Last reviewed: 30 September, 2015