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Hanieh Sadeghi

Certificate IV in Ageing Support

For people with English as second language, I highly recommend UOW College 

I chose to study the Certificate IV in Ageing Support at UOW College because I really value the diversity offered. I investigated further and discovered that there are great facilities available with lots of support for students. I also realised that studying a Certificate IV at UOW College would facilitate my transition to studying Nursing at the University of Wollongong whilst giving me a nationally recognised qualification.

Studying at UOW College was very beneficial for me. I feel that I have made the right decision for my future studies and I can recommend this pathway to other students. My course has given me the opportunity to apply for the Bachelor of Nursing at the University of Wollongong and I am looking forward to continuing my studies.

During my course I had the opportunity to work in an aged care facility as a support worker. I really enjoyed that experience. My involvement with elderly people and treating people with care and empathy made me feel so special and has provided me with foundational knowledge and skills and a practical understanding of what working in the nursing field would be like.

My experience at the college was fun. I had the best trainer and a great group of classmates. My trainer, Pat, was very supportive and fun to learn from. She was always available when I needed help. There were purpose-built spaces available to get together as a group and study. I had the opportunity to use the Nursing Simulation Laboratory which helped me to become familiar with nursing equipment. I really enjoyed that practical experience.

Throughout my course I gained confidence in relating to people of different ages. I feel that my communication skills have improved, including writing and speaking in English more fluently and I have learned the value of active listening.

For people with English as second language, I highly recommend UOW College. It helps you improve your language skills and gives you the opportunity to study on campus with other College and University students around.

Last reviewed: 12 December, 2017