IELTS Testing Centre

IELTS Testing Centre

IELTS is the test that puts people first. Conducting 1.4 million tests a year globally, IELTS is the world's most popular high-stakes English Language test, and we pride ourselves on the personal touch. Internationally accredited, IELTS is recognised in Australia by education institutions, employers, professional organisations and by government agencies such as Centrelink.

The IELTS nine (9) band score system grades scores consistently, and is marked with the utmost integrity. IELTS Examiners are fully qualified and follow the IELTS globalised standard. For more information on IELTS please visit the IELTS website or download the official information booklet. 

Please do take care when booking your test as you cannot change modules or cancel within 5 WEEKS of the test date.


Saturday 29 July $330 Closed Closed
Saturday 19 August $330 Closed Closed
Saturday 26 August $330 Unavailable Closed
Saturday 9 September $330 Closed Closed
Saturday 30 September $330 Book Now Book Now
Saturday 14 October $330 Book Now Book Now
Saturday 28 October $330 Book Now Book Now
Saturday 4 November $330 Book Now Book Now
Saturday 11 November $330 Book Now Book Now
Saturday 2 December $330 Book Now Book Now
Saturday 16 December $330 Book Now Book Now

UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) have a range of specific requirements for candidates wishing to use English language tests for UK visa applications. It is therefore essential that you let us know before you register that you are intending to use your IELTS result for UK visa purposes. We will then advise you of available test dates and the registration process.